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If you are interested in joining SCC why not get in touch?

i-xftFMFH-X2Our rehearsals are held in Sherborne on Thursday nights, from 7.30pm-9.30pm. Our season usually starts on the first Thursday in September and runs through to mid-June, though occasionally concerts may fall outside that period. We usually observe the main school holidays, but do rehearse at half terms, except for the autumn. We expect members to commit to rehearsals and concerts and to attend regularly and promptly, unless there are exceptional circumstances, with the last two rehearsals before a concert and the rehearsal on the day being compulsory. We charge an annual subscription for membership, which is payable either in full at the start of the season, or in two instalments in September and January.

Prospective new members are normally invited to attend a couple of rehearsals, with an audition taking place at the end of the second. Attending some rehearsals gives you a chance to get to know what might be expected of you as a member of SCC. The audition would normally involve a prepared piece (anything will do) and some sight-reading.

Space in the choir is limited but we are always happy to hear from potential singers in case a vacancy occurs. If you would like to find out more please complete the enquiry form below.

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